Analyse drug sales, improve M.R. efficiency, and study market trends

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries. It is necessary to analyse the products and growing market in order to provide the cost effective services without compromising the quality of products. We believe that better analysis always helps a company stand out in the long run.

Nice Software Solutions provides specialized analytical solutions that give quick and detailed analysis of pharma sales/activity, growth, consumer demands and more.

Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis in the Pharmaceutical domain is the assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the potential competitor products.
As new products are constantly being introduced in pharmaceutical industry, it is crucial to take informed and quick decision to achieve faster sale of company products, plan the cost and marketing strategy for the sale of new company products and to improve the sales.
We provide pharmaceuticals a detailed solution that helps them:

  • Compare the sales of company products with respect to competitor products
  • Study the growth of company products
  • Analyse contribution of company products to fast growing markets
  • Analyse sale of company products for a given time period

Physician Marketing

Marketing of company products is a growing concern amongst the pharmaceutical companies. The companies are now becoming more concerned about their Physician Marketing Strategies so that they get an overall idea of how many company products were prescribed by the physicians, what was the sale of products through various physicians, and more. Answers to these questions provide them a clear picture of what is working best for the company.
We design and build business intelligence applications that help pharmaceutical companies collect and analyse:

  • Details of the physicians who needs to be contacted
  • Frequency of calls made to a particular physician and the information provided in each call
  • Targeted physicians who need to be contacted in a particular time cycle
  • The overview of the products distributed in a particular region

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis examines the products/drugs that have or have not sold well. It gives them insight on how to stock the inventory, how the company is performing against its goals, trends that occur in the company’s sales volume, sales forecasting and more. This is also helpful to analyse the areas and opportunities where they can increase the volume.
We provide the following high level solution for Sales Analysis:

  • Sales performance of the region/territory for a particular time period
  • Comparison of sales done by the region/territory
  • Contribution of one company product with respect to other company product
  • Contribution of a physician in the sales of his respective region/territory

M.R. Performance

Performance of employees determines the success of any organization.
To indicate the performance of a Medical Representative (M.R.), it is essential to have detailed information on activities performed by him in order to achieve the targeted sales.
We build dashboards that give the following insights on the performance of an M.R.:

  • Timesheet and attendance of M.R.
  • Number of physician calls/meetings the M.R. has conducted
  • Number of products and the amount of information about each product explained to the physicians
  • Number of products the physician prescribes based on the recommendation of the M.R.