Increase user adoption of your software and applications through our innovative, engrossing and efficient instructional designs.

E-Learning and M-Learning Solutions

  • Course development for Learning Management System (LMS) using e-authoring tools
  • Story boarding and script writing for videos
  • Hands-on with demonstrations and simulations
  • Interactivity using action items and quizzes

Classroom Training Courses

  • PDFs, PowerPoint slide decks for onsite and online trainings
  • Lab exercises and workshops with step-by-step instructions and images
  • Knowledge check and review sections to reinforce topics learned

Flash Tutorials

  • Dynamic course topics in Flash technology
  • Includes music, graphics and voice over for an enhanced learning experience
  • Powerful Flash-based animations

Custom Courseware

  • Tailor-made courseware based on your data for easier adoption
  • Workshops and sample projects to get hands-on on your live environment
  • Employee boot camps planning and development


  • Custom assessments and certifications for employee bootcamps
  • Design and develop certification programs

Project Documentation

  • Project documentations to help end users understand the working of newly designed dashboards and applications
  • Design and development of customized Web Help files for portals and web applications