Measure global exposure, keep track of counterparties and optimize strategies

Counterparty Risk Management

Market volatility remains high and counterparty risk is one of the top risks that need to be managed. Financial Service Industry understands the necessity of having a robust counterparty – risk management.
Our “Pillar of Excellence” BI prototype provides following solutions:

  • Our customized business insight goes beyond traditional weekly and monthly snapshot to provide real time view of counterparty risk exposures
  • Provides aggregate and granular level details to Risk advisors for:
    • Constantly measure and identify changes in counterparty risk
    • Set and monitor limits for each counterparty to minimize losses
  • Insight Exposure” application provides Current Exposure (CE), Expected Exposure (EE) and Potential Future Exposure (PFE) details to evaluate and mitigate the following risk categories :
    • Credit Risk
    • Market Risk
    • Operational Risk
    • Liquidity Risk
  • Our Mobile App solution based on transaction services features empowers the financial application to monitor the counterparty changes and reduce the latency between information delivery, decision making, and execution.

Asset Management

Most of the world’s capital markets have experienced liquidity and credit crises, coupling implications, excessive government deficits and debt; anemic interest rates, underfunded pension plans, limited advancement and growth of emerging market.

  • Assets Vision: Our prototype provides insights to investments that provide diversification. It helps understanding long terms streams along with the ability and capacity to more effectively match long-term liabilities with these assets
  • Assets Allocation: Our Prototype provides both pure alpha and return stream diversification within their core portfolio allocation to investors who are seeking strategies for legacy allocation and emerging allocation
  • Market Reach: Our Market reach prototype provides estimates of total global investable assets, categories by investor’s type and geography
  • Assets Managers: Our Assets Managers solution prototype provides an assessment of traditional and non-traditional assets managers to ensure expansion of new segments in response to both market opportunities and regulatory changes

Portfolio Management

The global investment management industry has entered a period of unprecedented change and turmoil. A deeper understanding of geopolitical scene, continuing wave of regulatory change and continuous pressure of margins in the investment management industry delivers better investment decisions.
BI Pyramid Architecture solution accomplishes the following key objectives of the portfolio management:

  • Our BI scorecard application involves portfolio managers to keep the investment intact and contributes towards the growth of its purchasing power over the period.
  • A transactional mobile app covers the full range of portfolio benchmarking and allows financial advisors to provide stability of returns by reinvesting in the profitable and good portfolios.
  • Our Portfolio Diversification solution is based on predictive data model with intuitive dashboard design which empowers financial institutions to evaluate and invest in different types of securities available in a wide range of industries.
  • Our Principal Investment scorecard prototype fulfills two major objective of portfolio management which is investment safety and minimization of risks.

Profile Management

Financial institutions are being compelled to determine risk profiles and act in a timely manner to ensure their financial stability.

  • Our Scorecard prototype provides insights to direct and indirect investments profile with an aim to reduce the risks of exposure to a single market or of a negative performance by a given asset class
  • Our Profile management solution provides insight to investment horizon and risk tolerance. It empowers the managers to manage the required asset mix for achieving the objectives within the chosen time frame