Nice was the proud sponsor of another exciting MicroStrategy Symposium in Dubai. Our presentation on Banking Analytics focused on showcasing how MicroStrategy’s secure solutions provide banks with insight and agility to help them get a competitive edge in today’s fast moving market. The presentation illustrated how our banking data analytics and mobility solutions help automate enterprise reporting, reduce costs, enable self-service BI, augment the customer experience, and manage risk and regulatory requirements. We also demonstrated how our banking insight solutions can uncover multivariate descriptive as well as predictive analytics.

Once again, we are here!

And this time, it was our journey to the capital with data science. Since we received a great response for our earlier presence, we decided to rebroadcast our experiments.

At MicroStrategy Symposium Delhi, we showcased our experimental study of “How Data Analysis Can Improve Government Statistical Analysis using Microstrategy”. Fructifying the innovation and expertise through which we have met the needs of our various clients, was also a part of the presentation.

Not limiting ourselves to being only presenters, but we are also one of the proud sponsors of Microstrategy Symposium and its official! J

Many miles to go, many more to maestro!

Once again Nice was proud sponsor for Microstrategy Symposium, Bengaluru. The event featured discussions on topics like getting value from big data, building interactive dashboards and visualizations and develop custom enterprise app. Around 150 people attended the workshop “Introduction to Self Services BI”. Nice provided assistance and knowledge to the existing and new customers and gave them an understanding so that they could proceed in the right direction in terms of implementation.

Once again, NICE was a proud sponsor at the MSTR Dubai Symposium held on October 3, 2016.
Enterprise data discovery, big data analytics and integration with, AWS and SAP were the main highlights of the event. Hands on workshops were held for demonstrating advance data discovery-data preparation, and blending, D3 visualization, and Predictive analytics with R.


Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises

Year after year, Nice is setting an example by visualizing opportunities for innovation to provide value added services in data analytics and application development.
And this time we packed our tents on July 11th, to mark our presence at the most awaited and vibrant event of the year, ‘The MicroStrategy Symposium at Bangalore’. Nice is proud to share that we have sponsored and presented at MicroStrategy’s first ever event in India.
The symposium was a great platform to showcase our customers about our capabilities, strengths, methodologies, and ideas that help us ‘Go Beyond Insights’. We arranged a booth at the exhibit area with a prominent setup, where attendees were continuously served with a pop-up on TV and iPads featuring our top stories, specific technical challenges and their solutions, and valuable customer feedbacks from across the globe.
Our presentation at the symposium titled ‘Optimizing Data Analytics and End User Experience’ emphasized on our solutions for automating data analytics workflow, dashboard UI designing, optimization and performance tuning, and end user adoption programs.
The audience was glued to the seats while we demonstrated live examples and ran training videos, during the presentation. We were thrilled by the overwhelming response!
Looking forward to the next Symposium and awaiting to present something even more exciting!