Reviewing the health of your existing BI environment

Does your business intelligence system respond too slowly? Do you have reports and dashboards built that are rarely used? Are you not getting the required information out of your dashboards? Get your BI Audit done today!

BI Architecture Validation

  • Thorough analysis of the hardware used
  • Implement high-performance BI concepts in the architecture and evaluate
  • Check the availability of resources and ascertain the feasibility analysis (cost, peak time & performance)
  • Give recommendations on RAM and Hard drive space

ETL Process Analysis

  • Check Job Success status from SourceStageDWH
  • Check Packages (SSIS) & mappings/sessions
  • Monitor session log and provide reasons for delay

DWH Schema Analysis

  • Verify the current requirements specified in the BRD
  • Check the schema used in the implementation
  • Check for specific patterns
  • Check how the current DWH supports self-service BI or ad hoc reports and provide suggestions

BI Development Life Cycle

  • Analyze and verify the Logical Data Model (LDM)
  • Analyze and cleanse the existing schema objects
  • Verify usage of existing application objects
  • Find anomalies and duplicates and cleanse the metadata

BI Reports Analysis

  • Verify report SQL and VLDB settings
  • Check for proper evaluation orders
  • Check for correct aliasing of objects
  • Provide best practices for report caching

BI Documents Analysis

  • Check how the screen space is utilized & the placement of objects
  • Suggest ways to give a professional look and feel to the documents
  • Check the datasets used and suggest ways to minimize time taken to populate the dashboard

BI Environment Parameters Analysis

  • Check Intelligence Server configuration and Project configuration
  • Check project related parameters using Enterprise Manager
  • DBI Prioritizations
  • Check Change Journaling settings
  • Check automation scheduling settings
  • Check the status of different project related parameters using the EM reports

Metadata Objects Analysis

  • Overall analysis of Configuration, Schema, and Application Objects
  • List duplicate and/or inconsistent objects
  • Conduct audit to verify if security model is followed

BI Security Validation

  • User Groups and Users
  • Security filters, security roles, and permissions
  • Any connection mapping or Pass through executions implementation
  • Single-Sign On implementations

BI Log Analysis

  • Check current logs and enable mandatory logs
  • Find a pattern in the log files to provide a detailed analysis
  • Check Web Server and Mobile Server logs