Analytically Motivated, Customer Centric and Data Driven Retail Banking Solutions

One of the major challenging trends today is increased commoditization of retail banking products. Most banks have virtually identical products which is putting pressure on banks to distinguish them in an intensely competitive, low-growth and low-margin environment. In response, banks are shifting focus from innovation in developing new products to more client centric strategy.

SMART CRM – Reporting and Analysis

Banks understand that the Customer is the core and it’s vital to cultivate a deep knowledge about their customers’ financial-services preference, economics demographics and consumer behavior.
Our SMART CRM reporting and analysis prototype tailors customer centricity with the following capabilities:

  • The 3600 Customer Analysis captures analysis and trends on customer’s behavioral data from pre-engagement to post-purchase process.
  • The Customer Insight leverages richer analytics driven approach to capture geographical reach, spending pattern, product use and channel interactions which allows the bank to strategize more personalized approach in targeting and engaging the customers.
  • The Lead Management solution provides insight to:
    • Cross sell opportunities generated by inbound and outbound sources
    • Identify and track shift in customer behavior
  • The Mobile design strategies provide digital differentiation by using mobile as new customer touch points and simply process for client and employees anytime, anywhere.

Sales and Services Insight

Today, banks understand the importance of integrating analytics across the enterprise to standardize the decision making processes.
Our intuitive Sales and Service reporting solution is customized to drive employee from a service to sales mentality with the following capabilities:

  • The Branch Performance application provides aggregated and granular level details of peer branch networks which is used to setup financial goals for the company. Analysis and performance is benchmarked both in absolute terms and in relation to its industry peers.
  • The Sales Force solution tracks sales and product trends to monitor employee performance using service time analysis
  • The Channel Intelligence solutions allows to track and drive aggressive cross selling goals across multiple channels and platforms
  • The Daily Sales Tracker application empowers
    • Managers with a global vision to make faster informed decision to increase market and wallet share
    • Branch employees with on the fly information to accelerate the day to day sales activities
    • End users with all statistics and trend analysis on a web and mobile application which allows self-service features

Data Driven Excellence

Data source are diverse. It’s important to identify and address complexity to make business more efficient and create adequate value.
Our data modeling and data warehouse solutions integrate multiple data sources to continuously refine banks segmentation approach that truly matters

  • Our Cohesive Data Model designs identify, develop and derive clear data metrics for transparent, granular and consistent analysis
  • Our Automation process prototype is focused to make transition from manual time consuming processing to readymade information for quick and smart analysis
  • Our Data Regulation and Compliance strategy caters high volume of data with low latency to black box systems to meet the stringent responsibility to provide correct data
  • Our Data Aggregator monitoring system provides expertise on vendor management who specialize in financial data capture and distribution.

Security & Performance Management

With cyber breaches taking center stage, banks are investing in regulatory system which is a key to strong performance management culture.

  • Our BI Security model is customized to meet every client’s requirement of data protection using a full range of technologies to provide comprehensive administrative control
  • Our BI Architecture Design is focused to increase the throughput capacity and reduce cost
  • Our BI Regulatory Systems are designed to standardized regular assessment, cleansing processes meeting client’s complex business requirements.
  • Our BI Governance Strategy is designed to focus on clear adoption plan and socializing the technology change at enterprise level for enhanced performance management.